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Looking at one image from the past can bring back memories, start conversations and evoke a range of emotions.
In today's world, we capture images effortlessly on our smart phones, and within seconds they are shared on every social media outlet for the world to see. But, I question, where will those images be when we need them the most? When your daughter has her first child, will you be able to access your maternity pictures, so that you can share your story with her?

Will they be locked away on an unaccessible hard drive like the movies on VCR tapes?

Having probably close to or over a million digital images (that is if digital images don't evolve), how difficult will it be to find those milestone images?

As a young child, you probably remember looking through your grandparents photo albums and books. Those black and white images created conversations which left you with great memories and a since of family pride. I am sure you want the same conversations and memories with your grandchildren.

So, what do you do? You print! With the creation of books, wall art and keepsake boxes, your images will be with you to enjoy now, but also to cherish and spark conversation later in life. Within minutes, your printed keepsakes are easily accessable, so you can take a trip down memory lane whenever it is needed. Beautiful images which tell your life's story should a part of your everyday world, as they are your own personalized visual journal and your legacy to pass on.

Your images are more than a files, they are a lifetime of memories!

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